Welcome to Boulevard

~a unique boutique service the world a new definition of beauty ~

Our mission is to inspire women to feel their BEST in whatever season they are in. We have two floors of curated consignment from Zara to Chanel that serve as our tools to help you find YOU!

We have a fast-growing clientele, made up of all ages and from many countries. We love what we do and we hope to meet you!

With love, 


Meet Kate!

One thing I have never had an issue with is: dressing the way I wanted to dress. Despite LOTS of criticism. From a young age, I had an innate ability to put things together that suited me. They may not suit others but they suited me. I have also had the experience to live on a high budget for clothing and a no-budget for clothing. And I learned how to do both in order to suit my own style. I believe this is why I was destined to open a store like Boulevard where I could really serve others to find themselves through clothing and thus lead their most exceptional life.

Meet Federica!

Every time I go back home to Italy I am reinspired … the art, architecture, food and the way people dress forms a picture in my mind that brings life. It’s so natural and fun just to walk down the streets of my country and see the way people express themselves through clothing; you can truly see their individual personality. This is why I want to help you effortlessly tap into your inner-style. And because of my world travels and my ability to speak different languages I will be happy to virtually meet you wherever you are.

Meet Nicole!

As the granddaughter and daughter of fine artists and painters Nicole was raised with a deep love and appreciation for people, culture, fashion, the arts and VINTAGE. In fact, her entire life she has been collecting vintage clothing, jewelry and antiques. “I am a big-time ECLECTIC kind-of-girl with modern current design mixed with vintage…and I LOVE to shop! Finding treasures for myself and others is what I LOVE TO DO and BOULEVARD is the perfect playground! Let’s PLAY!”

Meet Tamara!

I’ve worked in the Recycled Fashion Industry for the last decade. It is something I would love for every fashionista, shopaholic, or everyday woman to fully embrace. It’s like being able to peek into every women’s fabulous closet and say “Ooh! I’d like to try that on!” And you can! And you can buy it and bring it home too! At the Boulevard, there is something for every kind of woman. We celebrate creativity and freedom of self expression, whatever that looks like for you!

Meet Sarai!

Most of the new clothes marketed today are made by the fast fashion process. They are produced quickly in the masses with a lack of effort for quality. This process and its effects on the earth, piqued my interest in a sustainable fashion such as The Boulevard. Fashion has always been a part of my life. My mom has several friends in high fashion and through them, she has gained knowledge and experience in the industry. Her involvement in fashion has kept me informed on fashion topics and has left me with an interest for the system.